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We value and appreciate the support of the many area veterinarians that refer to us. Almost every general  practice performs dental work on a regular basis. While most dental work involves routine cleaning and extractions when needed, occasionally you may be confronted with a situation beyond your comfort level. These are the sorts of cases where we may be able to be of assistance:
  • Complicated extractions
  • Management of feline stomatitis including full-mouth extractions
  • Mandibular and maxillary fractures
  • Oronasal fistula repair
  • Dental radiographs diagnoses
  • Management of tooth resorption (FORL’s)
  • Fractured root tip recovery

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you would like to discuss a case or just chat about management options, please contact Dr. Yelland via phone or email.

If you wish to refer a case to us for evaluation and possible treatment, it would help us out a great deal if you will take care of any pre-operative blood chemistry/urinalysis, chest radiographs, etc., before the patient arrives at Berkeley Dog & Cat HospitalOur routine pre-operative workup includes the following:
  • If juvenile – 6 years of age: basic blood chemistry + urinalysis,
    7 years and older: comprehensive blood chemistry + urinalysis,
    If over 12 years of age: chest radiographs and ECG recommended.

Please fax any pertinent medical records, lab work, biopsy results, radiology interpretation, etc., to us at least 24 hrs prior to your client’s appointment

In addition, we prefer that, if you are planning on referring to us, call Dr. Yelland ahead of time and discuss the case with him. You may also download our referral form.

After we see your client, we will call you the same day with a treatment report. We will fax or email a copy of the treatment report to you the same day. Within 5 days, we will mail you all the pertinent paperwork associated with the case, including a detailed treatment report, dental chart, anesthesia report, photos and prints of the pertinent radiographs.

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