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"My 5-year old Siamese, Lilo, had been vomiting his entire life, and not just occasionally, as with hairballs or mild stomach irritation. Often he would vomit up to 5 and 6 times a day and get severely dehydrated. He developed asthma and diabetes by age 3. Lilo ended up on steroids and chemo for his irritable bowel syndrome and we had to use an inhaler for his asthma. He was always sick; always frail. He would do OK on his meds for awhile, and then he'd start going downhill again. He never really got to be a kitten. Lilo's regular veterinarian sent me to see Dr. Yelland the veterinary dentist at Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital. Dr. Yelland did a full assessment including x-rays and said that Lilo had severe stomatitis and advanced periodontal disease and that all the teeth needed to be extracted. Within a few weeks of Dr. Yelland’s  treatment, Lilo's condition improved dramatically. One-by-one he was taken off the various medications. There has been no further vomiting. He has gained 3 lbs and is very active at this point."
M. Alonzo

"Being a veterinarian, I know how important a dog's teeth are to his/her overall health and comfort. I have an 11 year old terrier named Fido and I have always tried to keep his teeth clean with routine cleaning every couple of years. I brought Fido to see Dr. Yelland in 2007 . Dr. Yelland took dental x-rays and identified lots of problem teeth that looked normal on the surface but the roots were diseased. Sadly, Fido lost a few teeth that day but he seemed so much happier afterwards. I followed Dr. Yelland's instructions and brushed Fido's teeth regularly. Since the 2007 visit, Fido has had yearly dental cleanings with Dr. Yelland and the repeated x-rays showed that his teeth are healthier than ever. No more extractions either.

"Most people don't realize the importance of dental health for their pets. We brush our teeth twice a day and see our dentist twice a year for cleaning. Even with all this, we still get cavities and gingivitis. Just imagine what our teeth would look like if we never brushed our teeth. I routinely recommend Dr. Yelland to my clients and patients that need dental work. Healthy teeth equal healthy and happy pets."
Y. Lee, D. V. M.

"I’ve had 5 dachshunds over the years, each coming to me at different stages of their lives with unique personalities but all possessing the same terrible teeth.  I’d been hopeful that my present 8 year old would be an exception –– based on taking a quick look at his mouth and not noting any problems chewing, etc.  Nevertheless, I did take him in to Dr. Yelland for an evaluation and was advised that he definitely needed his teeth cleaned. The result?  He did have periodontal disease requiring the removal of two teeth. The expertise, experience and excellent care offered by Dr. Yelland and his assistants speak for themselves.  Dr. Yelland treats the whole animal, not just the teeth, noting that my dog’s  chronically infected ears also needed a thorough cleaning, which was done while he was under anesthesia. I’ve been through many veterinary dental experiences but this was by far the very best!"
K. Balasingam
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