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Dental Radiography
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The ability to take high quality dental radiographs is a vital part of any dental practice. With any facet of medicine, making a proper diagnosis is a necessary first step to formulating a treatment plan. It is virtually impossible to accurately diagnose dental disease without using dental radiography. Fortunately, these days we now have at our disposal, digital radiography equipment which allows us to quickly and efficiently diagnose the extent of a pet’s dental pathology. We routinely take radiographs of each and every tooth as a routine part of our dental workup. Below are several images in which radiology played an important role in diagnosis and treatment planning.
radiology image radiology image radiology image
Tooth resorption occurring in the right lower canine of a cat. Note that the left canine is normal. Bone cyst in the left lower jaw of a 5 year old dog. This cavity measured 1.25” x .75” x .5”. Tooth root abscess of the right lower canine of a mature dog. Other than severe wear, tooth looked normal from the outside.
radiology image radiology image radiology image
All of these teeth are end-stage and required extraction. Infected root tip which was left in during a previous extraction attempt. This could not be seen from the outside. Left lower jaw showing permanent tooth buds coming in under deciduous teeth.
radiology image radiology image  
Infected right lower molar with bone loss in danger of causing a pathological fracture of the jaw. Radiographs would be imperative for treatment planning of this deep periodontal pocket.  
radiology image
The above is an example of the radiograph template we create on every patient.

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