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Oral ATP is a comprehensive protocol for dealing with uncomplicated periodontal therapy. Includes cleaning, polishing, charting, full-mouth radiographs (xrays), an assessment of any disease found to be present, and a treatment plan for its correction, and a home-care plan designed to minimize the need for retreatment. Oral ATP is the most scientifically complete, accurate, and logical means of dealing with your pet’s oral health issues. (Oral ATP Questions and Answers).

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Oral ATP, as done at Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital includes the following:
  1. Intravenous catheter and fluid therapy
  2. Pre-anesthetic medication
  3. Induction and maintenance of gas anesthesia using sevoflurane
  4. Full electronic monitoring
  5. Temperature management with warm water bed and forced air blanket
  6. Cleaning, polishing, fluoride and Oravet® sealant application
  7. Full-mouth digital radiographs (x-rays)
  8. Detailed release and homecare instructions
  9. Photos and radiographs of the pet’s condition
  10. Homecare consultation 2 weeks after the initial visit


assessment Prior to anesthesia we will perform blood and urine analyses to assure your pet’s general health. Additional diagnostics such as ECG and chest xrays are conducted if indicated. Once your pet is safely under anesthesia we will conduct a thorough tooth-by-tooth examination and charting. Dental radiographs are taken.


scaling teeth We clean and polish the teeth and apply a fluoride treatment. A dental sealant (Ora Vet) is applied to retard the attachment of plaque and calculus. A treatment plan is developed if advanced disease is found. We will consult with you via phone to discuss these findings, our treatment recommendations and additional estimates. Your pet is closely monitored until he/she is completely recovered from anesthesia.


brushing A complimentary follow-up examination is scheduled to discuss further home care. Further follow-ups are scheduled as needed to ensure continued preventative dentistry.
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