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Frequently Asked Questions about Oral ATP
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What is Oral ATP?
Oral ATP is comprehensive oral health Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention.

How long does it take?
In most cases, assessment and treatment are performed on the same day. Particularly long and involved procedures are occasionally split into 2 or more visits. Typically, your pet will be admitted to the dental service early in the morning and discharged anywhere from mid-afternoon to early evening.

Why can’t you give me a complete estimate when I admit my pet?

It is virtually impossible to assess the scope of any dental disease without general anesthesia, dental charting and radiographs (x-rays).

How am I going to know how much the procedure is going to cost?

You will be given a basic estimate for “Oral ATP” when your pet is admitted. The basic estimate includes fluid therapy, anesthesia, charting, cleaning/polishing and radiographs. Based on our assessment, a treatment plan will be made and a final estimate will be generated. This will include such items as additional anesthesia, nerve blocks, extractions, root canal therapy, antibiotics, and prescriptions.  Once we have a treatment plan we will call you to discuss our plan and estimate for the work while your pet is still anesthetized.
It is imperative that we have complete contact information for you for the entire day.

I am concerned about the dangers of anesthesia
You are right to be concerned as any pet owner should be. There is risk with anesthesia. However, we mitigate that risk as much as possible by performing pre-operative blood chemistry and urinalysis. Animals over 12 years may be required to have chest radiographs or other tests. We also employ state-of-the-art anesthesia protocols as well as modern electronic monitoring. Hypothermia is prevented through the use of circulating warm water and hot air blankets.

Won’t my pet be in pain?

If the dental work is limited to just cleaning and polishing there should be no pain at all. If there is any surgery such as an extraction, we employ modern balanced pain management protocols which may include nerve blocks, preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative pain medication and a prescription of one or more anti-pain medications for you to give at home.

What makes Oral ATP so special?
We are totally focused on dentistry. Dr. Yelland has close to 20 years of experience in advanced dentistry. During that time he participated in a mentor-based residency for several years while managing his own general practice. He has participated in hundreds of hours of specialized training and regularly attends dental continuing education…both veterinary as well as human oriented.
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