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Providing Veterinary Dental Services to Cats & Dogs
in the San Francisco Bay Area

Our goal at Dentistry for Pets is to provide your pet with the ultimate in comprehensive, advanced dental care.  We make every effort to accurately diagnose and treat the gamut of companion animal dental disease.  Dentistry for Pets works in combination with Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital/Special Veterinary Services, a full service veterinary hospital that has served the Berkeley and the San Francisco East Bay region for over 100 years.

We strive to make certain that our service exceeds the dental standard of care in our profession and are confident that our results will surpass your expectations.
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Dr. Rob Yelland A Message from Dr. Yelland
The longer that I am involved in veterinary dentistry the more passionate I become about oral health.  Dental disease is one of the least understood and most commonly under-diagnosed conditions and yet, still poses one of the most significant threats to our pets’ health.  As a result, our friends often suffer painful disease for months or years when those problems could easily be corrected with proper treatment and prevention.

My many years of experience working with thousands of pets and their owners have given me a unique perspective on the human-companion animal bond.  I understand the cherished role your pets play in your lives and I am honored that you would consider us for your pet’s care.   I applaud your interest in your pet’s oral health and I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your companions to ensure their well-deserved long, happy and comfortable lives.

Rob Yelland, D. V. M.

Dr. Yelland graduated from the
University of California, Davis and has practiced veterinary medicine in the East Bay for the past 40 years. Nineteen of those years have been spent focusing intensively on veterinary dentistry.

Madra enthusiastically looks forward to
getting his teeth brushed every day.
General Information:  
Located at: Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital
  2126 Haste Street, Berkeley, CA 94704
  Office: (510) 848-5150 • Fax: (510) 548-4071
  Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Mon, Wed & Thurs
  Email us:
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